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Learning all you can about the complex garage door system at your home is highly recommended. To that end, we offer you the following frequently asked questions page. Our specialists at "Garage Door Repair Chicago" work with all types of doors, springs and openers. We fix every component from the panels to the remote controls, so you can count on our experience when it comes to answering these important questions.

Why is the opener making grinding noises?

The most probable cause of this problem is a broken moving gear. It is made from plastic and found inside the motor unit. You need to stop running the opener immediately and disconnect it from the power source. Get the broken gear replaced with a new one with the same specs right away.

How long is the useful life of my spring?

This depends on the make. Each spring comes with a cycle life estimated by the manufacturer. It shows how many cycles, one opening and one closing, the component can perform before it breaks. You simply need to divide this number by the number of cycles the component typically performs per day. This will give you a reliable estimate of the spring’s useful life.

How can I protect the garage door panels from damage?

They should be painted with exterior-grade paint right after the new door has been installed. Repainting should be an integral part of annual maintenance. Weather seals and the bottom seal, in particular, also provide protection from damage. You should refrain from using driveway and garage floor cleaners containing damaging compounds.

What causes the garage door to go off track?

This issue typically occurs when a lift cable gets broken. The door starts hanging on one side and it is easy for it to go off track. When this happens, the track may get bent or broken. The solution involves replacing the cable and straightening or replacing the track depending on its condition.

How do I care for my opener remote?

The most important thing is to keep it with you and not in your car to protect your property. Now there are mini remotes which can be easily clipped to a keychain. You will also benefit from cleaning it as often as necessary. Wiping the case and buttons with a bit of alcohol should help. You should also clean the battery compartment. If there is rust on the battery contacts, lemon juice should help for its removal.

Why is my garage door shaking?

This could be the result of loose track brackets, hinges or rollers. Tightening the bolts should help to resolve the problem completely. If there are damaged or broken bolts, they should be replaced with new ones. It is also possible for the hinges and/or rollers to have got worn. In this case, they should be replaced right away.

When should I replace my garage door?

Replacing the garage door only when the old door stops functioning is not advised. Instead check the parts in the old door, and if extensive wear and tear is found, change to a new one for better comfort, safety and appearance. There are several advanced options present now that can be used to increase the safety of the door.

There is a popping sound when my garage door is opened

The popping sound during opening is due to the presence of worn out rollers. You need to replace the rollers to get rid of the popping sound. Worn out rollers may also cause improper opening and closing of the door. Have the rollers checked by our specialist in Chicago and replace them, if needed.

How do I look after garage door weather stripping?

The great thing is that our professionals in Chicago help you ensure that the weather stripping on your garage door is pliant at all times. We will use a gentle vinyl cleaner in order to ensure that there is no debris or dirt. We check the physical condition of the stripping.

Can I repair my garage door springs?

Since they hold a great deal of tension and can cause harm, it is best if you allow a service technician from Garage Door Repair Chicago to install the springs of your garage door. They have the know-how and the tools to do so.

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