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Take advantage of our professional garage door related tips on this page, written by our team at Garage Door Repair Chicago. Our highly qualified technicians fix hardware parts, panels and openers equally effectively. Get quick response and expert resolution to any problem. Count on us for full door installation and comprehensive maintenance as well.

Check the wire size and cycle life of a new torsion spring

A component with a greater wire size is stronger and has a lower rate of wearing. The cycle life shows how many cycles consisting of one opening and one closing the spring can perform before breaking. Ideally, it should be able to do more than 10,000 cycles. The longer the cycle life is, the longer the useful life of the component is.

Test the garage door opener every three months

Test the safety sensors first. Block them with a solid object while the door is opened and initiate closing with the clicker. The door must not go down. Test the safety reversal mechanism alone by placing a tall chair or double-sided ladder under the door when it opens. During closing, it must touch the object and reverse. If the system fails any of the tests, immediate opener repair is required.

Inspect the garage door cables for fraying and cuts regularly

Start from the bottom up and look from all sides. Even a tiny cut poses a huge risk of breaking. If you notice such an issue or there is extensive fraying, you have to opt for cable replacement without delay. The new cables should be strong and durable.

Clean dirty garage door tracks carefully

You can readily use a brake cleaner for the purpose. Just confirm that the product will not damage the galvanized coating or the steel beneath it. Spray the cleaner from the top down and let it do its job. There is no need for using cloth or sponge. Just wipe any remaining dirt.

Use a vinyl bottom seal with retainer

This material is resistant to water damage and to the UV rays of the sun as well. This means that the seal will remain in good condition for longer. The retainer is installed directly to the bottom of the door. It is designed to keep the seal securely in place. When the time for replacement comes, you simply need to take the old vinyl strip out and insert a new one.

Repaint the garage door panels annually

This is important for protecting them from the elements. The strategy is equally effective for wood and steel overhead doors. Choose exterior-grade paint of high quality for the purpose. The color depends on your preferences. Do the work early on a warm and sunny day to speed up the drying process as much as possible.

Maintenance and operation of garage doors

You should be one hundred percent sure of the correct way to operate and keep your garage door in perfect condition. Our technicians at Garage Door Repair Company in Chicago strive to make sure that our customers know how to operate the garage door accurately. Safe operation and maintenance should be a supreme priority.

Take care of your hands and fingers

While operating garage doors, take proper care of your hands and fingers, to avoid injuries. Avoid placing fingers in between sections of the door, while using the door. It is best to use a paneled door, to prevent pinching of fingers. Ensure that all family members and especially children are made aware of proper handling of garage doors.

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